The 9 Percent: Black Women Leaders Tell It Like It Is

You’re a talented, high-performing young leader on her way up the corporate ladder but don’t know what obstacles lay ahead…

Black women leaders share what they wish someone had told them

Black women make up only 9% of leadership positions.

According to a 2020 Catalyst study on Women of Color in the United States, Black women make up only 9% of leadership positions at all levels. This book provides insight into the lived experiences of 15 Black women leaders in Corporate America and will add to the body of literature on diversity and leadership.

This exceptional collection of wisdom includes insights from fourteen successful Black women in formal leadership positions within different fields. Each has overcome the unique challenges of being a Black woman trying to achieve her God-given potential to succeed and lead.

About the Author.

Valeria Saulsberry Edmonds, CEO of Masterful You(c) Coaching, Inc., was the inspiration and leader behind creating this collection of wisdom from Black women leaders. Valeria has thirty years of corporate human resources experience and a passion for developing young leaders.

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congratulations to our African American women leaders for their courage to be transparent and help lead us in the direction that provides exposure, knowledge and opportunity for other young women coming behind them. Special thanks to Yvette and Kathy – two leaders that I have worked with directly and admire. Prayers and thanks for all you do for our community within our company.

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  2. Congratulations to you all! I was excited to make my purchase a couple of months ago as soon as I heard about the book sale. Looking forward to reading about all of the phenomenal featured women, one in which I know very personally! Come on-let’s support and uplift our very own!

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  3. First, thank you for sharing your lives with us. There were Takeaways Galore. Get a pen, highlighter, and some paper or your journal when you are reading this book as it is an informative and motivational read. There are so many points to ponder based on the writings of each sheroe. The 9% lays out the fact that you need to learn your organization’s culture, know yourself, and participate as a mentor or mentee depending on your depth of expertise/experience. Each life story is different; therefore, varied points of view provide opportunities for introspection and retrospection. I found encouragement in someone else sharing that there is a need to have a home/work life balance for personal sanity especially if you have started a family or plan to start one. This book is a must read for any lady, young or mature. I plan to pass it on to my daughters and my sister circle as we could all use this book to grow and help one another. Imagine a world where we all have a shoulder to stand on or cry on without judgement.


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